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Take your fitness to the next level. Muscle conditioning, balance, strengthening, and coordination are all addressed, elevating your workout regimen.

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Member Benefits

T-fit Fitness in Trumansburg offers two affordable levels of membership, Basic membership and Concierge membership.

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T Fit Fitness in Trumansburg, N.Y is your complete 24 Hour fitness center.

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Welcome to T-fit Fitness

T-Fit is a complete 24hr fitness center. Members can use the extensive equipment and facilities virtually any time they like. Located in Trumansburg, NY, T-Fit is centrally located and provides plenty of free parking for members. T-Fit houses cardiovascular machines, weight machines, free weights, and a functional training area for personal workouts and stretching.  T-Fit also features “The Studio at T-Fit”. This large, comfortable space is utilized for the diverse group classes offered through the studio.

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An new outlook on Medication

Hello fitness fans, If you are familiar with my yoga class, then you know at the beginning of class I share the “Inspiration of the Week”.  One usually must come to class to hear the insp…
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Yoga for a new culture

Yoga.  Images of India may come to your mind.  Flexible bodies contorting into seemingly impossible postures.  Chanting.  Closed eyes, sitting crossed legged, levitating.  Sting… Whatever y…
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