February 8, 2017

Yoga for a new culture

Yoga.  Images of India may come to your mind.  Flexible bodies contorting into seemingly impossible postures.  Chanting.  Closed eyes, sitting crossed legged, levitating.  Sting…

Whatever you imagine, yoga may appear incredible daunting and intimidating.  Yoga promotes itself as bringing calm and peace.  Which is great…if you can get past the anxiety of starting.  Now we imagine this class room full of people who are more fit and flexible than we could ever be, and depending on how old you are or how fit you are, that stress rises again.  Well, yoga better relieve stress because before we even roll out our mat and struggle with the edge that curls up and just won’t go flat, our blood pressure is at its high.  AND, then sit and breath.  You wonder if you are doing it right, so you gaze at your neighbor.  They are an image of perfection, back straight, legs twisted up on top of each other.  Oh yeah.  Thank you yoga, so glad I decided to try this.  If you haven’t already decided to not come to another class ever again, moving through dozens of poses that reveal your body to be the inflexible, uncoordinated being you believed yourself to be will surely do the trick.  BUT WAIT!  Shavasana (or the end where you just lay there), “oh, I like this” you think, suddenly, the lights are low.  You lay down.  No need to check your neighbor if you are doing it right.  It is in this moment we hope a short term amnesia comes over you, Yoga is the best decision you ever made and we will see you next week!

Indeed, we are not in ancient times.  New responsibilities and desires have arisen in modern times that need to be adapted for an art form that is thousands of years old.  We hope to share this perspective with you, and host a yoga class that is unpretentious.  Give it a shot, and you never know.  You may be the expert neighbor one day and spot the anxious newbie that comes to sit next to you.  Give them a wink and tell them “I know just how you feel”.

Frank Dallaire was a newbie in 2005 and now instructs from this humble beginning, preaching unprentious…ness