Meet the Instructors

Jaimie Voorhees:

Zumba Gold (Thurs)

Jaimie Voorhees has had a passion for group exercise since the age of 14 when she started participating in aerobics classes at her hometown fitness center.  Her dream of becoming a group exercise instructor came to fruition in 2011 when she taught a strength training class among a circle of friends.  Jaimie earned her first official group exercise license in 2012 when she became a licensed Zumba instructor.  Since then, Jaimie’s list of licenses and certifications continue to grow, as she is a firm believer in lifelong learning and professional development.  Her most recent acquisitions include Kettlebell AMPD and STRONG by Zumba.   The energy that Jaimie exudes during her classes is contagious.  She makes exercise fun and educational.  You will leave the studio covered in sweat with a smile on your face.

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Kelly Caraher

Power Yoga (Mon, Sat):

Kelly was introduced to yoga as a compliment to competitive tennis and running. While in recovery from illness and injury, her practice deepened and she was able to invite a more conscious awareness to the healing properties of yoga. As her mind, body, and spirit grew stronger, she wanted to be able to share that deep healing connection with others. Her classes are both challenging and nurturing while fostering a holistic awareness and appreciation for the meditative flow of yoga. Kelly completed Shiva Rea’s Vinyasa Flow teacher training as well as Power Pilates Mat certification in NYC, Prenatal Yoga teacher certification in Washington DC and Children’s Yoga training in Baltimore, MD and Alexandria, VA. She taught throughout the DC area before moving to Ithaca where she has taught at Cornell University, Blackbird Studios, the Yoga Loft, Lakshmi Institute and The Studio at T-Fit.  

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Shawn Tubridy:

Dragon’s Way Qi Gong:

I came to Ithaca in 1995 to study herbal medicine for three months and never left because I was so drawn to the rich healing community that exists in the Ithaca area. My business is Bee Well and my focus has always been on preventative medicine. I was intrigued by the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective of ‘Where there is flow disease cannot grow’. With a family history of breast cancer, I began practicing Qi Gong as a way to prevent breast cancer over 16 years ago. Qi Gong (chee gong) increases the flow of energy through the body and awakens your body’s own healing ability. I studied to became a Qi Gong instructor as a way to improve my own health while being able to help others heal themselves. I now offer Qi Gong for Breast Wellness and The Dragon’s Way Program for stress and weight management as both individual and group classes.

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