February 13, 2017

An new outlook on Medication

Hello fitness fans,

If you are familiar with my yoga class, then you know at the beginning of class I share the “Inspiration of the Week”.  One usually must come to class to hear the inspiration, but with this wonderful media outlet, it is hard to contain the inspiration.

For this wonderfully snowy week in February, the inspiration is….

Medication.  Indeed, it is an ENORMOUS field of study, that continues with how those medications interact with each other. (Listen here for an amazing TEDtalk) But is that prescription from the doctor the only medicine?

As we move through our flow, and hold our poses, we think of each movement, pose, though as medication.  We listen and discover what its effect will be, proper dosage of length of time and possible side effects (usually a smile).  Returning to a neutral position we can evaluate the necessary prescription for the opposite side of the body.

I look forward to seeing you in the Studio to dispense the proper dosage.  Namaste.

Frank has been self-medicating with yoga since 2005.